We Are Fireworks in The Poconos

How much do Fireworks in the Poconos mean to us? Everything. This is who we are.

About The Fireworks Superstore

We're here to HELP.

Our team will help you dazzle your guests and make your next celebration ring out with a bang!

With three stores across the Pocono, Pennsylvania area, you can visit us in our Tannersville, Blakeslee and Brodheadsville locations! Speak with one of our Firework Specialists and browse our large and ever-growing selection of firework products! Stop in frequently, as our product lines are refreshed throughout the year to meet seasonal demand.

No Pressure - No Commissions.

We’re not here to sell you the biggest, baddest thing we have – unless that’s what you’ve come for!

Unlike some seasonal firework businesses, our people do not make more for selling you things you don’t need, nor are they pressured to do so. Our staff take the time to ask the right questions – we provide sound advice, education and product recommendations based on your experience level, venue and other factors – to ensure safety and fun for everyone!

We Believe in Honesty.

We don’t charge you twice as much like the other guys do, and pretend to give you a second one for “free.”

It may not happen as often in our stores, but if we offer an item as Buy One, Get One Free, it’s because the second one IS free. We offer our products at competitive prices, and hold frequent sale events and savings throughout the year! Our team cares about the value you receive from your purchase, and we want to be sure that you come back year after year.

We build Relationships.

Our customers remember us, and we remember them. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time firework user, an experienced hobbyist, or a professional pyro. We take pride in getting to know our visitors, and for them to know us. We graciously accept all types of feedback so that we may better serve everyone!

Experience the difference of Fireworks in the Poconos and come visit us at The Fireworks Superstore!

We are open YEAR ROUND!

That’s right! As a year-round fireworks store, you can be sure of a few things…

Industry Knowledge


Our staff are trained to be your advocate. Fireworks are what we do – not just in the summer, not just in July, not just on holidays – every day. Don’t get your guidance or products from amateurs…work with the experts.

Second to None


We are not a roadside operation, hastily packing and unpacking fireworks in pop-up tents. We receive shipments year round that are handled and stored with care to ensure our products perform, and are as safe, as the day they were made.

Always Available


Any month, any day, drop us a line. No need to schedule a special time for us to open up…just stop in during our store hours. We’re here to answer your questions, plan your next display, hear your stories, and share some of our own!


No, we do not sell M-80s.

We are asked about these and other highly explosive items quite often. They have gone by many names, such as "quarter stick""cherry bomb""M-80""M-100""silver salute""pineapple""ash can" etc.

These items are extremely dangerous, and federally illegal.

We not carry any of these items, nor will we direct you to a place to find them. If you are looking for such items, please consider a legal substitute that provides a similar noise or visual effect that does not assume the dangerous nature or legal repercussions.

For more info on Firework Safety and Security, check out our Fireworks Safety Page and this ATF Page.

YES! New law was adopted in Pennsylvania in October 2017, permitting the use of Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) in the PA. This made fireworks LEGAL FOR PA RESIDENTS to purchase Fireworks products! The new law allows firework fans from all states to purchase our products without hassle!


Visit our Laws Page and Pennsylvania Fireworks Law Post, and the PA State Police FAQ Page for more details on the new legislation!

In the transportation and storage of fireworks, two guidelines or best practices come to mind.

#1: Do not transport or store fireworks where they can be subject to an open flame or flame producing devices.

This may sound obvious, but we still need to say it. We are often asked about the safety of "hot car trunks," however, this should pose no harm to you or the fireworks.

#2: Do not transport or store fireworks where they can be subjected to water or moisture.

Another obvious statement, but there is a little more to consider here regarding storage. Basements, attics, and garages tend to top the list of common storage areas, however, they may have fluctuations in their temperature and humidity. Keep in mind that when the temperature of a cool space increases rapidly, moisture may occur. Plan accordingly to ensure that your products don't fall prey to rapid changes like this!


For more helpful tips, be sure to visit our Transporting Page!


We accept all major credit & debit cards, along with cash for fireworks purchases. If you use NFC payment systems like ApplePay or Google Wallet, we accept those too!

Wishlists are collections of desired products saved by you, our customer, to your user account. This helps you return to your favorite products in our store without having to search again.

Want to share? You can send a link to your wishlist to share your favorites with friends and family.

No! Because The Fireworks Superstore buys direct from the manufacturers, we are able to offer some of the lowest prices in our region.

We pass our savings on to you, and you get the added benefit of expert customer service, A/C while you browse during those summer scorchers, and a wide array of products you can't find anywhere else.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns surrounding fireworks and the extensive safe-guards we put in place for products in our custody, we cannot accept refunds after the product has left our store.

We have multiple locations throughout North-Eastern Pennsylvania, including Tannersville, Brodheadsville, and Blakeslee.