The Fireworks Superstore follows regulations for Transporting Fireworks safely, so what steps should you take to properly transport them after purchase? We’re here to help, so here are a few tips!


YOU SHOULD: Keep fireworks in the trunk of your car or truck bed.

We do not advise traveling with them in passenger areas in case of accidental ignition!

YOU SHOULD: Keep fireworks in something resistant to sparks when possible.

Plastic bags and double-walled boxes are provided at purchase for safe transport! We have found that plastic totes work well and we also offer assortments that are wrapped and protected from the elements.

YOU SHOULD NOT: SMOKE in a vehicle while transporting fireworks.

Accidental ignition can often lead to a scary or threatening experience, so always play it safe!

YOU SHOULD NOT: Light fireworks from inside a vehicle.

Throwing or firing them out of a window is reckless and dangerous to you and others, so wait until you get home!


YOU SHOULD NOT: Put fireworks in your carry-on or checked baggage.

Fireworks on a plane is A BIG NO, as they can be hazardous. Federal regulations ban them from air travel, so please do not try this! You can face hefty fines and in some cases, imprisonment!

“Fireworks pose a significant fire risk to aircraft in the air and on the ground and are not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage.” – Federal Aviation Administration

“Press Release – Fireworks Don’t Fly” Federal Aviation Administration. Web. 02. Nov. 2014. Read the full Press Release here.

Click to download and view the FAA’s “Fireworks Don’t Fly” Flyer that addresses fireworks on airplanes.


Fireworks Don't Fly Image